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Bear Hollow Zoo is a small zoo located in Athens, Georgia. It is known for its mission to educate the public about the state’s native wildlife and to provide a natural habitat for animals that are not able to survive in the wild. You can visit this amazing attraction in Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail, 293 Gran Ellen Dr, Athens, GA 30606. The zoo was opened in 1993 and since then it has become a popular attraction for families and animal lovers alike.

The zoo is home to a variety of animals including black bears, gray foxes, opossums, bobcats, and red-tailed hawks. The black bears are the most popular exhibit at the zoo, and visitors can observe them as they swim, climb, and play. The bear habitat is designed to mimic the bears’ natural habitat, with trees, rocks, and a pool for swimming. The zoo staff provides educational talks about the bears and their behavior, which is a great way for visitors to learn about these fascinating animals. Next article

Another popular exhibit at Bear Hollow Zoo is the bird of prey exhibit. Visitors can watch as birds of prey such as hawks and owls soar over their heads. The staff provides talks about these birds and their hunting techniques, and visitors can learn about the important role these birds play in the ecosystem.

The zoo also has a playground and picnic area, making it a great place for families to spend the day. There are picnic tables and grills available for visitors to use, and the playground is a great place for kids to burn off some energy. In addition to these amenities, the zoo offers a gift shop where visitors can purchase souvenirs and educational materials.

In addition to its exhibits and amenities, Bear Hollow Zoo also offers educational programs for school groups and summer camps. These programs are designed to educate children about the animals and the environment, and to encourage them to be stewards of the natural world. The zoo staff provides hands-on activities and interactive demonstrations, making the learning experience fun and memorable for all participants.

One of the most unique aspects of Bear Hollow Zoo is its commitment to conservation. The zoo works with organizations such as the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the Georgia Wildlife Rehabilitation Association to rescue and care for animals that are injured or orphaned. The goal is to eventually release these animals back into the wild, where they can thrive and contribute to the ecosystem. Browse more of this site

In conclusion, Bear Hollow Zoo is a great place to visit for families, animal lovers, and anyone who is interested in learning about the native wildlife of Georgia. With its commitment to education, conservation, and providing a natural habitat for its animals, Bear Hollow Zoo is making a difference in the world. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the zoo is definitely worth a visit.

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